Time to say goodbye

After more than 9 years it's time to say goodbye (and thank's for all the fish - and kind words). It was a great time, I learned a lot, met new people and was glad for doing my part in the still fledgling online community of Austria back in 2001.

Things have changed considerably in the last years; the ORF noticed that the interwebs can't be ignored and offered a stream of it's own, first only in a proprietary Microsoft-owned media format but extended the service to good ol' mp3 eventually, which's going to cut the slack for everybody. OGG Vorbis, the format of choice for this unofficial stream, also experienced a sharp decline in interest lately since the free MP3 encoders made tremendous advancedments in terms of audio quality and the device makers as well as mainstream audio player software weren't interested in embracing the format.

So when looking at a service which uses a legacy audio codec, with less quality and availability than the official offering, which is also run in our spare time on spare ressources and the constant risk of a looming lawsuit it's easier to put it to rest than trying to struggle on.

Thanks for using our service, stay fresh and keep on kickin'!

Best wishes from

Und jetzt?!